post modern retro-electronic

These are original compositions recorded in my basement studio. I commonly use sequenced tracks and software-synthesisers mixed with my guitar/bass playing. This is indie-tronic....I'm pretty sure.

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human error ep

"between classic dub and friendly electronic...just the right thing for lounging in the bar of your choice."
This ep was released on the fine netlabel "...the human error ep has got this light, transparent mood, that timeless waves and the perfect, unique soundrix-guitar sound. it is a sceptical, but also bright look into our future, into our human nature. a mixed mood of standing and moving, of flying and thinking. it does have a meaningful layer beyond the music. something to explore and think about while listening." (020200)

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golden horizon movie trailer

soundrix track "dispersion" is used as the soundtrack to this movie trailer. A presentation of a planned exhibition about the nomadic cultures in 2,000 BC in the Ukraine.

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sushi smurr [submix013]

...soundrix track "transatlantic" featured. A moody netaudio only instant dj-set. Subsource is a German netlabel specializing in electronica, soundscapes and cinematic music // 1999-2006.

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student film featuring 'arsenal'

this is a 9 minute clip of an 18 minute movie. soundrix track "arsenal" is used as the soundtrack to this student film about life in a German highschool. It is just a amateur movie made by students and no money will be ever earned with it. (But it's definitely a ambitious project with a serious result at the end). entire movie is here.

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thought press [news podcast]

...soundrix track "13 base carbons" is used in the soundtrack of this newscast. On this podcast: Energy is the topic of discussion at water coolers this season, not to mention winter heating prices. This coming winter has got people worried about how much extra money is coming out of their pockets to keep warm. We'll have the numbers, including a look at the future of environmentally friendly vehicles...

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it's about netmusic [submix027]

...soundrix tracks "fiend" and "interstate" featured in this netaudio-only special items instant DJ set. This set has all the elements - the downtempo, the uptempo, the C64 (go Goto80!), the classic oldschool .MOD scene stuff, the new alternative netlabel stuff...immaculately well-picked, and extremely listenable.

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normaluhr + remixes ep [63_035]

...soundrix contributes the track "interstate [remix of nulln] guitar interpretation" to this ep. Experimental electronic guitar music. Sequenced in FLstudio and multitracked in cakewalk. This represents the state of soundrix art circa 2002.

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primary2 ep [63_034]

...soundrix is inspiring with a playful track which guides us to the deep of an underground dub-world. here it trickels sand from the ceiling, it scampers and drips in the corners, the lights are throwing strange shadows to the wall. it is warm and damp and the echo sounds back from that darkness. is that sounding too dark? nonsense, it is simply great down here. (review of "signal" by

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[out]age [sub031]

Released on December 28th, 2000 on the early, great netbabel This track is the turning point between yardwaste and soundrix. We live in the [out]age now, everyone is an outsider and no one has a real friend.

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